Minaki Yurt Adventures


Whatever your lifestyle, Minaki is the ideal place to enjoy a variety of exercise and enjoy the great outdoors. We offer an extensive trail system and relaxed atmosphere. Come out and enjoy an adventure of mountain biking, rock climbing, cross country skiing, kayaking, hiking or much more. Young or old, experienced or novice, everyone is welcome and our programs are designed to meet everyone's needs.

Here is a video filmed by Dave Warrenchuk when he was here a few years ago in the fall... Thanks Dave!

 Minaki Yurt Adventures has been established for over 20 years and has had visitors from all over North America and the world. This Web site has been created to answer your questions and help you plan your next adventure to Minaki. We offer yurt rentals throughout the year and can provide guided services in any activity from climbing to skiing. Or you may just want to come out with your own friends and experience the novelty of Yurt while you ski or hike through the pristine boreal forest of the Canadian shield.





Our Finnish Sauna makes a great addition to your Yurt experience. The wood fired stove can maintain a temperature between  60 - 80 degrees C and emits a very dry heat. The sauna is spacious and can accommodate up to 8 people at a time. We recommend 2 or 3, 8 - 10 minute visits with a 5 min cool off period in between. We recommend using the tank of warm water beside the stove to wash off afterwards on the deck. There is nothing like a relaxing Sauna after a day of fresh air and exercise.


Get off your beaten path and come try ours

Finally got around to updating this page. We have upgraded Trailside with a new hardwood floor this spring and recently we have added a communal cooking space that includes a  wood fired pizza/bake oven and a charcoal kamado grill. We still have plenty of openings this fall and the winter bookings are starting to trickle in. We are also planning on getting in some trail work soon, so the fall hiking should be great. Just waiting until the blueberries are done then trail work can begin.....